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phpBB KittenAuth
phpBB KittenAuth is a modification for phpBB that replaces the CAPTCHA based visual confirmation with a KittenAuth based visual confirmation. If you have phpBB (or other popular forum software) installed on your web site, you know the problem of spammers trying to register to your forum to post SPAM posts or to use homepage and signature web links to improve their Google page rank. Even if you only have to delete a few SPAM posts and users every day, this will cost some of your precious time and resources every day. To prevent SPAM bots and other nun-humans from registering and posting to your forum, phpBB offers a CAPTCHA based visual confirmation that can be enabled. Unfortunately, OCR algorithms are getting better and better, and also the dark side of the web uses this technique in their software for malicious purposes, making phpBB's currently used visual confirmation effectively useless. One possible solution is to use CAPTCHAs that are harder and harder to decipher by computers. Unfortunately, they are also harder and harder to be correctly recognized by humans, and very soon computers will be better at this task than humans at all! Therefore, a better solution is not to make visual confirmation harder and harder for humans and computers, but to find a more intelligent approach that is very easy to handle for humans, but very hard for computers or software to do (yet).
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