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Belus Free ActiveX Components
1. Zip Component: This component provides industry-standard Zip archive functionality. It is designed to be easy to use. You can pack/unpack a file or folder with a single line of code. If you need to create or extract Zip files on the fly, this component is for you
2. Base64 Encoding/Decoding Component: Base64 is the format commonly used to encode email attachments. Base64 is also the preferred method for encoding binary data in XML documents. The encoding takes 3 bytes of data and converts it into 4 bytes of plain text using characters 0-9 and A to F. Base64 is not encryption, it is used to package data for storage or transmission.
3. Buffer Component: This component can be used to read and write text and binary files. It can Base64 encode data and compute an MD5 checksum.
4. CSS Parser Component: The CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) parser takes a CSS document, converts it to an XML document and back again. Since editing XML is easier than editing CSS, this is useful when you want to programmatically edit a CSS document or build your own CSS editor.
5. GZip Component: Used to compress and decompress files using the GZip algorithm. When combined with TAR, it provides the UNIX equivalent to Zip archives commonly found on Windows computers.
6. HTTP Component: Designed for high-performance server environments, this HTTP transfer component can be used to fetch or transfer data from remote servers. Custom HTTP headers can be added such as "User-Agent". Control the number of redirects to follow and get the last URL of a redirect. Clean up response HTML with built-in HTML Tidy for easy parsing as XML.
7. Image Size Component: This component calculates the dimensions of an image. Supported formats are JPEG, GIF, PNG and BMP.
8. ISO8601 Date Format Component: ISO8601 is an industry-standard way of formatting dates. The format looks like 2003-09-16 or 2003-09-16T19:15:30.45. It is the preferred way to store dates in XML because dates can be sorted using sort algorithms designed for string data. This component converts VB/VBScript Date object to ISO8601 format and back to VB/VBScript Date object. The component can also be used to construct a Date object.
9. MD5 Checksum Component: This component uses the industry-standard MD5 checksum algorithm to get a fingerprint of a file. If you are storing files in a database, this component is a must. To avoid storing duplicate files in the database, store the MD5 checksum along with the file in the database. Every time you save a file, take an MD5 of the file and compare it to the list of MD5s stored in the database to see if this file is already stored.
10. TAR Component: This component provides industry-standard TAR archive functionality. It is designed to be easy to use. You can pack/unpack a file or folder with a single line of code.
Comments - - Added on 27th Jan 2005 by lt -
Bent Black Translator
This program was created to translate languages literally. It uses custom made .trn files as word bases. From there, you enter your own words or you download from the site. We encourage you to submit any translation files you have made, they may be hosted permanently in the installer! The current features include: Translate literally to and from any langauge Create, make, and trade translation files Up to 10 synonyms available per word Fast fast fast What does the program do? Bent Black Translator package will convert a word or sentence from one language to another. The languages used are stored in special files that can be traded, created, or downloaded. The speed that it operates at is very high and the created lists can be very convenient as literal translation guides for both students, players, and lingual professionals.
Comments - - Added on 29th Dec 2004 by vj -
Best Keywords Finder
Best Keywords Finder is a necessary tool for every webmaster. Best Keywords Finder finds the most commonly used keyword combinations with a single button click. You may specify a target keyword and instantly get a hundred matching keywords with a popularity score. To optimize your web pages for SE you may save keywords in a file or even generate HTML keyword tag right away! No more browsing through search engines: all your targeted keywords are displayed right away.
Comments - - Added on 5th Nov 2004 by vj -
Bhaum is a 32-bit text/HTML editor and simple RTF viewer (Text Only) for win9x. Bhaum has been created mainly for editing plain text and creating and editing HTML documents. Viewing rich text ( rtf-extensioned one ) is just a supplementary feature. - Better solution for creating customized web pages -
Comments - - Added on 15th Jun 2001 by jl -
BHead is an advanced meta tag generator that can take care of your entire HEAD section, including CSS style sheets. It generates the code for all popular meta tags with an option to include your custom tags as well. Keywords and description can be imported from files. In addition, it comes with a basic Style Sheet editor that also includes a color picker. The result is a nicely formated and complete HEAD code that can be copied into your document or saved for later use or editing.

Some of features:
  • Keyword and Description Spell check (You need MS Word Spell checker (or MS Word compatible spell checker))
  • A lot of Meta Tags
    • resource-type
    • content-type
    • robots
    • language
    • keyword
    • description
    • and so on...
  • Pre defined Style Sheets Elements
  • Drag and drop (please do not drop image files, you cannot see them anyway)
  • Launch favorite editor and open a document which is currently opened inside BHead
  • Tags pop up
  • Syntax Highlighting
  • Syntax with style sheet level-2 support
  • Much easier to modify resource files
  • Choose: insert Meta, insert Meta and Style Sheets, insert Link to Style Sheets into existing files
  • Search, Replace function
  • Jump to specified line number
  • Preview with user's default web browser

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Comments - - Added on 10th Oct 2001 by ff -
Biferno is an object-oriented scripting language for the Web. It derives directly from a previous project (QuickWeb) thanks to which many Internet services have already been developed. It is designed to run on all of the most widely-used platforms (Linux, Windows, Mac OS, MacOSX) Biferno is a scripting server side language entirely object oriented. It can be integrated with any database that supports SQL. Biferno was thought-up both for the Web-master who occasionally needs to develop dynamic pages easily, and for the more expert programmer who, thanks to the strength of the language, meets no limits designing even the most complicated things. Moreover, Biferno is completely extendable through external classes. Tabasoft develops Web-sites, with its own software, described above, but also with more diffuse instruments such as JSP, PHP, ASP, Cold Fusion, etc. for the scripting part and Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL etc. for the DBMS part.
Comments - - Added on 6th Dec 2003 by lt -
Bitmap to Html table convertor
Bitmap to Html table convertor for Windows 95/98/NT/2000: This little tool pushes your browser to it's limits! It will convert a bitmap file to a HTML table. This way it's possible to create a scalable image which cannot be saved as an image! Works only in Internet Explorer, Opera, and Netscape 6+.

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Comments - - Added on 21st Nov 2006 by jf -
What is BITS? It's FREE! Programmer's aid for bit manipulation. HTML aid in translating RGB to HEX, and HEX to RGB. Create Image tags. Generate lists of images. ZDNet editors rated it 5 stars. Bits lets Web developers and programmers deal with color values and numeric conversions. It converts RGB values into hex values, and then allows for pasting the hex value into an HTML document. Reversing the process is just as simple. The HTML developer can choose a color by clicking on the color swatch area, and allowing Bits to convert the chosen color into hex. Bits can also convert hex to decimal and perform operations on the numeric value. The programmer may click on check boxes representing bits, enter numbers directly, and point and click for various operations. Version 2.0 also allows you to generate an tag by picking from a list. In addition, you can format entire lists of image data in various outputs including HTML, tab dilimited, comma separated.
Comments - - Added on 28th Jul 2003 by vj -
ighly Modular CMS framework includes: Wiki, Articles / News, phpBB Forum Bulletin Board, Blogs, Image Photo Gallery, ... includes TikiWiki upgrader. Databases supported: MySQL, Postgres, Oracle, Firebird, IIS/MS-SQL for PHP on Windows or Linux.

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Comments - - Added on 10th Jun 2009 by vj -
Blackman's E-mail encoder
Nowadays there is almost no Internet users who never received spam (advertising postings, which they didn't subscribe). All over the Internet around the clock thousand of spammer's e-mail harvesting robots stroll. They collect addresses of potential victims. A unique way to avoid receiving spam is to publish the e-mail address nowhere and never. What can people do if this way doesn't for them? In this case you will not make a gift to spamers as the readily available electronic address. Just encode it using Blackman's E-mail encoder!

E-mail encoder allows to choose any of four e-mail encode metods: from simple (not encoded) link up to JavaScript (address extracting is possible only by manual processing). So functionality of the link is completely kept!

All coding mechanisms are based on stealth-technology. Each new created link differs from any previous. There is no code, that identifies link created using this program. Advantages of E-mail encoder in comparison with other similar programs are:
  • Free distribution (Freeware)
  • Offers opportunity to choice one of four Encode method
  • An opportunity to use an image as a link
  • Small size (40 Kb against 300-400 Kb)
  • Multilingual interface
  • Multiplatform (the program works both in Windows, and in DOS)
Comments - - Added on 23rd Oct 2003 by lt -

1329 programs, showing page 10 of 133
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