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Banshee Screamer is an alarm clock designed with one purpose in mind: To wake you up. Is your clock radio broken? You never had a clock radio? You can't be bothered to go out and buy a clock radio? ... Time Server: RFC 868 time protocol is used mainly by UNIX systems, and some network devices, it uses port 37 over UDP or TCP. The BTT Software time server responds to both UDP and TCP requests on ...
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Alarm Clock
Alarm clock is a small program that sits in your system tray of the windows desktop. Includes 5 different chimes and a customized chime button for selecting your favorite custom chimes. It also features a popup message box to inform you of somes information on alarm time and an auto shutdown feature which you can use to log off, shutdown or make the computer standby at a set time.

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Comments - - Added on 11th Oct 2005 by lt -
Alarm clock
An alarm clock program which reminds you on time.
OS: Windows XP/Vista.

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Comments - - Added on 3rd Jul 2008 by jf -
Alarm Clock
The Alarm Clock application was built as a part of a college project.
The Alarm Clock allows the user to set multiple alarms and decide what reminder the alarm should trigger.
Alarms can be set as a one off alarm on a certain day and time, or as a recurring alarm that can go off daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.
The reminders that the alarm can trigger off include:
- Playing an audio or video file using your default media player
- Opening a file or website using your default for the particular file, or default web browser
- Display a pop-up message on your computer screen
- Or you can chose to shut down your computer (often useful if you want to fall asleep to music, but have the computer switch off after a couple of hours)
The Alarm Clock is a simple application that will be minimised into your system tray allowing you to continue working on your computer with the Alarm clock running in the background.
The Alarm Clock application minimum requirements are: Windows XP

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Comments - - Added on 26th Feb 2011 by lt -
Alarm Clock 4 Free
Wake up, remember weekly appointments, never miss a meeting with EIPC's amazing Alarm Clock 4 Free. Customize each alarm, by marking the weekdays and choosing your favorite song, rhythm or alarm sound for each appointment. You can also specify the snooze time that suits you.
With its easy to use interface and its powerful features, EIPC's Alarm Clock 4 Free is a valuable addition to your desktop.
Comments - - Added on 8th Dec 2006 by jf -
Alarm Clock by Tarry91
"Alarm Clock by Tarry91" is a professional alarm clock that does not require installation. You can configure multiple alarm events including recurring alarm and optionally launch a file or MP3 song when the time is up. Other features include a choice of GUI color, customizable alert messages and system tray support. No installation needed, copy the *.exe file to a folder of your choice. 100% CLEAN award granted by Softpedia Including following functions: * No installation required * Unlimited number of events * Free color choice * Save / Load of Settings and events * minimize in the system tray * Count Down Mode * Temporary disabling of events * Open a free file at time * Shutdown / Restart / Hibernation / Logoff at time * Plays music or video at time * Repetitions daily, weekly, monthly, Annual, and every X minutes * Showing your personal message for every event * Optional start with Windows * Snooze function * Multi Language support * Dynamic messages (Quote of the day) * Auto update * ...

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Comments - - Added on 12th Apr 2009 by vj -
Alarm Clock of Justice
The Alarm Clock of Justice wakes your computer from standby and hibernation to play an alarm consisting of movies, music, CDs, and/or running programs, scripts, batchfiles, and ANY type of file your computer knows how to run. Alarms can also include web addresses and a built-in reminder system can speak reminders with a customizable display (including flashing random colors). Volume effects include unmuting the volume, setting the volume to a certain level, random volume, and alternating the volume between two customizable levels for four customizable amounts of time. Built in support for Windows Media Player is included, and used as a backup in case your regular media player reports an error. Waking from standby and hibernation is customizable with the amount of time to wake up from before your alarm plays, whether to enable "insomniac mode", and whether to play your alarm if your computer wakes up within a customizable amount of time (default: 60 seconds) of the alarm. It runs in the system tray and can optionally run at startup with a specific configuration. The time format is customizable (24 hour or 12 hour). Extensive tests are included to make sure your computer can wake from hibernation and standby. Configurations allow for unlimited alarms.
OS: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, or (probably) higher.

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Comments - - Added on 12th Sep 2007 by jf -
Alarm Clock-7
Desktop::Clocks & Alarms Freeware version features:
- Show: seconds, current date, day of the week, flash delimiter, shadow;
- Change background type: solid, soft, gradient, glass;
- Change scale and opaque of the main windows.
Platform:Win2000,Win7 x32,Win7 x64,Win98,WinServer,WinVista,WinVista x64,WinXP

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Comments - - Added on 27th Jul 2012 by lt -
Alarm MeŽ
No words for this excellent alarm tool. "Alarm me" can be your favorite time organizer as it is powerful, regarding its capabilities, and its user interface is great. Includes general alarms, repeating alarms, perfect Birthday reminder, Address Book facillity, build in Diary and more. It contains Timer and Countdown utility. Also it supports the "shut down feature" which means that you can schedule when to shut down (restart or log off) your system. Its Simplicity to use and its several capabilities make "Alarm Me" to be unique on its kind.
Comments - - Added on 1st Sep 2005 by vj -
Alarm OCX
You want your application to be alarmed at start of every hour, at zero o'clock. every five minute from 8:00AM to 10:00AM, beginning of the first day of a month, etc. You can use the Alarm OCX. Set the property and alarm your application to do the schedule
Comments - - Added on 17th Feb 2003 by vj -
Alarm Panel
3 News Alarms! Introducing - Hourly, Monthly, and Yearly Alarms All dialogs have been redesigned. One line for each alarm in panel list. Details Window contains more information about alarms. Initial task directory options in properties dialog. AM/PM support. Command-line arguments. Property options to turn off activation of panel and scroll to row. Auto-deletion of one time use alarms. NEW Custom Alert window that won't disappear until you close it. Fully customizable in properties! Option to turn off confirmation dialogs. Fixed bug in checking of values on alarm dialogs. Fixed bug in One Time Only alarms not working sometimes and changing to '06 incorrectly. Fixed bug that would make a One Time Only alarm set to next year when loading DS after trigger time. Fixed bug that alarms would not be corrected for Daylight Savings changes. Fixed critical bug that would not stop sound when an alarm is deleted while it played a sound. Fixed critical bug where Custom Daily wouldn't reset to next day after current day check.
Comments - - Added on 9th Oct 2008 by vj -

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