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Columbus is not only one of the easiest document management systems to configure and use, it's also free and is now the world's most popular choice. Columbus has been registered by 15205 ... SoftCardManager SE: Business card management software for the Windows 2000, Windows 95/98/ME, Windows NT PCs. Use your scanner to store Business cards and other similar sized cards. SoftCardManager ...
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Manage calls in your business or call center Axon is a virtual PBX for Windows or Linux designed to manage calls in a business or call center. Any business, whether small or large, can now implement a scalable VoIP based PBX by installing this software on any PC. The software works as a fully featured telephone switch connecting to phone lines and extensions using state-of-the-art VoIP technology. Offering all the normal features of a traditional PBX such as allowing internal or external calls and more advanced call queuing for call center applications the software routes all calls within a business.
Comments - - Added on 2nd Apr 2008 by vj -
Axon Idea Processor Lite
The Axon Idea Processor is a Windows program for generating and organizing ideas, concept mapping, and creative writing. Axon combines Prolog and Object-oriented technology to create a powerful tool for thinkers. The Axon Idea Processor is a sketchpad for visualizing and organizing ideas. The Idea Processor exploits visual attributes such as: color, shape, size, scale, position, depth, shadow, link, icon, etc. Visual cues facilitate recall, association, and discovery. Diagrams help you to model and solve complex problems. Visualization reinforces your short term memory. Towards Higher Abstractions Ideas and diagrams are the basic abstractions of the Axon Idea Processor. Ideas are shown as graphical objects and its relationship shown as links. You get the big picture at all times, and details can be hidden from view. The Axon Idea Processor is easy to use and requires no special knowledge of particular techniques. Axon is designed for: Planners, Writers, Managers, Students. The Lite Version is freely available for evaluation and limited use. It allows saving of files with 30 or less objects and links, and does not support advanced functions. No user support is provided for the Lite Version.

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Comments - - Added on 25th Oct 2005 by lt -
AZZ Cardfile
Instead of using the old MS Cardfile, I decided to make such application myself. It now helps me to manage phone numbers and addresses, and more. This small application is equally suitable for use as a small "database" for references, notes, recipes... or anything else you want quick access to. NOTE: Only version 1.6 is offered as Freeware.
Comments - - Added on 28th Jul 2003 by lt -
B&P Table Utilities
B&P Table Utilities is a software tool for maintaining Paradox database tables. With B&P Table Utilities you can easily Regenerate Indexes, Verify, Rebuild and Pack Paradox 7.0 (or earlier) tables. Process a single table or all the tables contained within a specified directory. Maintain a record of processing activity with the generated log file, which may be saved to a disk or printed to a compatible printer. The built in autorun feature allows for the automatic processing of all tables contained within a user-specified directory, at a specific time on user-specified days of the week. Tables that are protected by a master password may also be processed. View or save current Borland Database Engine and selected table structure information through a user-friendly 32-bit graphical user interface. Note: As with the use of any software that processes data ensure that you have a valid backup of your data files prior to performing any actions with this application. System: Windows 98/NT/2000/XP
Comments - - Added on 13th Nov 2004 by lt -
universal document processor. The Open Source tool for business-to-business and systems-integrators and enterprises wishing to connect data and documents centers. Babeldoc is intended for systems integrators and EAI projects. babeldoc: - is a Java framework for processing documents in linear stages. - tracks documents and can reintroduce documents back into into the pipelines. - is monitorable and configurable through a number of interfaces. - can be run standalone, in server processes or in application servers. - can be reconfigured dynamically by text files and database tables. - Is ready for the web services revolution. babeldoc assist you: - rationalize your document flows - monitor and control your document flows - quickly and easily configure your document processing. - report and assess issues in your system.
Comments - - Added on 20th Mar 2004 by lt -
BabelPad is a Unicode text editor for Windows that supports the proper rendering of most complex scripts, and allows you to assign different fonts to different scripts in order to facilitate multi-script text editing.
BabelMap is free and fully functional for private or commercial use.

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Comments - - Added on 14th Feb 2004 by lt -
Baby Calc
WFW Software introduces Baby Calc a 6-function calculator with a small footprint. Baby Calc is designed for Windows 95/98/2000 and NT. It is a windowed application that can be minimized until needed. It offers the following features. 1. Baby Calc math functions include addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division 2. Baby Calc results displayed with up to 10-digits 3. Baby Calc supports Memory Store and Memory Recall 4. Baby Calc has a square root function and an inversion (1/x) function. 5. Baby Calc has a keyboard/keypad interface. 6. Baby Calc can be set to the topmost window while running other applications 7. Baby Calc only uses 324k of memory
Note: Not on homepage but downloadable!

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Comments - - Added on 29th Jan 2005 by lt -
Baby Scientific
WFW Software introduces Baby Scientific a multi-function scientific calculator with a small footprint. Baby Scientific is designed for Windows 95/98/2000/XP and NT. It is designed to operate like a desktop calculator. Baby scientific is less cluttered and easier to use than the standard Windows desktop calculator while offering the most used functions. 1. Baby Scientific math functions include addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division 2. Baby Scientific offers trig functions, exponential and log functions 3. Baby Scientific results displayed with up to 15-digits 4. Baby Scientific provides Memory Store and Memory Recall functions 5. Baby Scientific has square, square root, and inversion (1/x) functions. 6. Baby Scientific has a keyboard/keypad interface. 7. Baby Scientific supports display edit functions (cut, copy, delete, paste, backspace) 8. Baby Scientific provides dual function color-coded keys 9. Baby Scientific only uses 404k of memory 10. Baby Scientific requires no installation or uninstall programs and no DLLs or support files 11. Baby Scientific can be set to be the topmost window while running other applications 12. Baby Scientific supports "order of precedence" calculations. This feature can be enabled or disabled

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Comments - - Added on 29th Jan 2005 by lt -
Babya bSuite
Take photos? Need to create a document? Convert or listen to music? Even if youíve never considered yourself a creative person, Babya bSuite ó a suite of tightly integrated applications that places no limit on your talent or creativity ó makes it easy and fun to learn new skills.

  • word processing
  • Spreadsheets
  • Databases
  • Slideshows and albums
  • Web and RSS browsing
  • Image editing
  • Word translations
  • Accounting software
  • Web site creation
  • Audio playback/conversion
Note: Also available for Mac. Does not run on Windows 95 or Mac OS 9.

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Comments - - Added on 11th Mar 2005 by jf -
Babylon Glossary Builder
Babylon's FREE glossary builder is a user-friendly application that enables you to create your own glossaries based on your personal interests. With Babylonís Glossary Builder you can make creative glossaries, incorporating pictures (BMP, JPG, ICO) and hyperlinks into each definition. You can also make your glossary more appealing by choosing an icon to appear next to the glossary title when displayed in Babylonís tool.

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Comments - - Added on 13th Nov 2004 by lt -

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