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OfficeHero Suite: Our flagship software, provides a word processor, database, presentation maker, RSS newsreader, and more in a small package. Features on Windows 95/98/2000/ME/XP: - OfficeHero ... SoftCardManager SE: Business card management software for the Windows 2000, Windows 95/98/ME, Windows NT PCs. Use your scanner to store Business cards and other similar sized cards. SoftCardManager ...
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Auditor Calculator
Auditor Calculator is an emulation of desktop accounting calculator with tape.
Comments - - Added on 28th Sep 2004 by vj -
Auriga Stock Quotes Portlet
The Auriga Stock Quote Portlet is a JSR 168 compliant portlet, developed to provide stock quotes, based on the symbols entered. It accesses this information from, which is then displayed to the users.
Comments - - Added on 1st May 2007 by lt -
Australian Pay Calculator
The Australian Pay Calculator is an economical and time saving payroll programme developed for small business, and employees of any organisation size. It is suitable for small business to calculate their employees pay and tax withholding amounts, taking into account shift penalties, allowances, overtime, casual rates and various tax options. It is also suitable for individual employees wanting to check their pay, and the tax taken from their pay, for a particular pay period. Workers can also calculate their pay when working irregular shifts or on a casual basis. This is especially useful for office temps and agency workers. The Australian Pay Calculator can calculate the Net, Gross and PAYG tax withholding amounts from weekly, fortnightly, and monthly earnings. The programme consists of two calculators: The Tax from Gross Calculator: Used when the Gross amount is known. The TimeSheet: Used to calculate the Gross, Net and Tax amounts from hours worked.
Comments - - Added on 18th Sep 2005 by vj -
Auto Actuals
Track Your Time! Have you ever felt that your time goes faster then the speed of light? Or have you ever had hard time to recollect what exactly you did whole month while filling your employer's timesheets? Or have you ever had desired to analyse how much portion of time you spend in meetings and reading emails? Or have you ever wanted to keep Star Trek style daily logs but never maintained it? Well, then this application is just for you! Once installed, AutoActuals will pop up on your screen at regular intervals and ask you what you were doing! And it's far more then that. It allows you to categorize your tasks, gives you hint on what program were you running all the time, generates reports in Word, maintains data in Access, supports multiuser access, supports task assignment and tracking by project managers and lot lot more. And all that in very simple intuitive UI! This application is right now in state of easy installation and no on-line help is available.

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Comments - - Added on 10th Nov 2004 by lt -
Auto Project Planner
This software automatically calculates a proper project plan based on your effort estimations and the due dates you have in mind.
A list of tasks and a list of employees can be defined. Tasks can be assigned to one or more employees. It is also possible to define a maximum percentage value an employee can/should work on a task. Public holidays, leaves, weekly working hours and some more parameters can be specified and are considered in the calculation.
According to this input the software compute time plans by minimizing the MSE (mean squared error) between expected and computed end dates.


  • Add/Remove/Edit/Arrange Tasks
    • Estimated/Remaining Time
    • Expected End Date
    • Predecessors
  • Add/Remove/Edit Staff Members
    • Hours per week
  • Assign (multiple) Staff Members to Tasks
  • Define max. percentage a Staff Member could/should work on a Task
  • Define Sick/Personal Leaves & Public Holidays
  • Set Start Date of Calculation
  • Output: Phase Plan (printable)
  • Output: General & Weekly Overview of calculated plan
  • Calculation
    • Minimizes MSE between Expected and Calculated End Dates of Tasks
  • New/Open/Save APP Projects
  • Export to GanttProject
Note: Click on Project Links to download this program.

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Comments - - Added on 3rd Mar 2007 by jf -
Auto Timesheet (Free version)
Auto Timesheet logs the sites, files and applications you work with. The main purpose of the application is to gather information about the time a user spends on each application, website or file. The collected information can be used for personal time management, parental control, managerial control over the employees' time in an enterprise, timesheets, billing, etc.
Autotimesheet registers all the applications running on the computer, when their windows are active, and logs the time of the activity.

Main features of the application:

  • Registering working time, thinking time (when the window is active, but there is no user activity) and total time spent with the application
  • Filtering of data by time range and other parameters
  • Flexible logging configuration (by window title, child window title, website URL, full or substring, etc.)
  • Assigning files, applications and websites into groups to summarize the time spent on them
  • Auto startup
  • Auto update
  • Export of collected data (HTML, CSV and Excel XML formats)

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Comments - - Added on 9th Jun 2009 by jf -
AUTO-CAPE-V (New Version 3.3) implements the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Division 3, Consensus Auditory-Perceptual Evaluation of Voice, on a Windows computer. The program records individual patient sessions, provides on-screen controls for rating the patient's voice according to the established CAPE-V criteria, and stores all ratings and recordings in a computer database for easy recall, replay, and evaluation. AUTO-CAPE-V will print out the completed CAPE-V evaluation form for any patient and eliminates the need for the use of pen and paper in conducting the evaluation and in storing or recalling patient records. Complete operating instructions in PDF format are included with the program. AUTO-CAPE-V is free to interested clinicians.

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Comments - - Added on 6th Sep 2004 by lt -
Automates the process of creating graphs from database-like datasets, where you need to chart various columns against each other in x-y scatter charts to determine relationships between them. It consists of a sheet where to copy the data into and a sheet that holds the chart and some spinner-buttons to control which data are charted.
Comments - - Added on 2nd Jul 2005 by lt -
AutoRota Free
Autorota is designed to automate the creation of staff rosters. Using a variety of user specified 'rules' staff can be allocated a variety of shifts, roles and working hours. Autorota can be configured to rotate shifts evenly between a number of staff, or force a particular repeating rota pattern to happen over several weeks. Some features of Autorota include: - Easy creation and maintenance of Weekly Rosters - Configure standard terminology to suit your organisation - Automatic allocation of Assignments (shifts/roles) based on user defined 'rules' - Year Planner for allocating standard days such as 'Vacation', 'Training' in advance - Tracking of standard days such as 'Off Sick' - Export Rosters to HTML (web pages) for easy read-only viewing for your staff - Animated Tutorial The FREE version of Autorota is fully functional but is limited to only 10 personnel per department - ideal for small business or offices. Autorota Professional can have unlimited personnel. Rosters are defined a week at a time, but days like 'Vacation', 'Training' etc can be entered into the Year Planner for each staff member, then these will be entered automatically into the weekly roster.

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Comments - - Added on 13th Mar 2005 by lt -
Autorun Presenter
Are you on presenting alot? Ever had you Notebook with the precious presentation dying 5min before your slot? Have you ever wondered how bad a presentation looks when you created it using PowerPoint 2003 and the presentation computer has an ancient PowerPoint Version installed?
If this is the case, Autorun Presenter is the tool for you. Autorun Presenter is installed on a USB Stick.

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Comments - - Added on 22nd Jan 2008 by jf -

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