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GS MP3 Player is a cool player which has a lot of useful features. Due to it is freeware, you can use and distribute it freely.....FEATURES.: Play, pause, stop, backward & forward the MP3 ... Tomahawk Player: Tomahawk is a music player that fundamentally changes the way music is consumed and shared. Tomahawk gives you to access to all of your favorite music in one powerful media player. ...
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AWE32 MIDI player
I already have a midi player. What's so great about this program? If you have a Sound Blaster 32, AWE32, AWE64 or similar, with DRAM memory on the card, then you can load extra instruments to your soundcard. There are plenty of MIDI files written especialy for the AWE soundcards. They usually come with a file called a SoundFont Bank with an file extension of .SBK or .SF2. Normaly you have to launch the AWE 32 Control Panel and load the SoundFont file into User Bank 1, then launch your MIDI player and play your song. In AWE MIDI Player you only have to load the song. The sounds are loaded automaticaly, so you do not need to worry about the AWE 32 Control anymore. If you don't have AWE32, then the player acts like a common midi player.
Comments - - Added on 28th Sep 2005 by vj -
AxelPlayer is a fast .wav/.mid digital audio player for Windows 95-98-NT with cool design, intuitive interface and many useful features. It has drag-and-drop support, ability to stay on top of all other windows, works perfectly with large files. AxelPlayer is small, very light on resource usage.
Comments - - Added on 4th Nov 2002 by vj -
AxisAccess TV
AxisAccess TV is a free service that offers 3000+ channels of live, streaming television. This program requires no installation, and is completely free - forever! The channels are seperated by country, with over 140 countries to choose from. As a bonus, we also have some fun features like flash games and daily horoscopes to watch during the commercials. :)
This program requires windows media player and realplayer to view all the channels, as most live streams use these programs to transmit their shows.
Comments - - Added on 11th Aug 2007 by lt -
Babble MP3
Okay, now that you have all those MP3's. You need Johnny Logahoriwitz to announce the time & news! If you're anything like me, you've created your MP3 playlists, and now you listen only to them instead of your local radio station. Just the songs you like, and no commercials. But ... You miss the occasional time and news between songs. Welcome to Johnny Logahoriwitz's Babble. Johnny will announce the time and news for you. He's your personal DJ. With NO commercials (except one from us). He'll announce the time, and news for you! * Select to announce the time or news after so many songs. * Select voices (male-female-speed rate) * Create as many playlists as you like. * Edit ID Tags so Johnny can get song names. * Supports MP3, MP2, WAV, MIDI music formats. * 3 settings: Fast CPU, Normal CPU, Slow CPU. * Must have Internet connection for the news. (not required to play though) **Required - Voice Engines (most come free with sound card)
Comments - - Added on 30th Jul 2002 by jl -
Baseball Audiofile Player
When you watch baseball on TV you have probably noticed the sounds (organ jingles etc.) that are playing during the game. I created this program for our baseball team so we could do the same during our games using a laptop computer and a simple audio amplifier and speakers. This program allows you to create banks of soundeffects you can play by pressing a button with your mouse or just pressing one of the keys on your keyboard. Pressing a number key (0-9) will switch the soundbank, pressing a letter key (a-z) will play a sound. The program uses a config file in which the the key-to-sound mapping is specified. The sound files can be anywhere on the disk (a few are provided for demonstration purposes, you'll have to find more yourself). Note: homepage is Dutch, but the program & readme file is English.
Comments - - Added on 16th Oct 2004 by lt -
Bass Network Player (BassPlay)
It is a simple network mp3/wav player that tries to make computers on a lan play the same music at the same time! It's great for lan parties or when you really have to make a lot of noise with a lot of computers! BassPlay uses UDP/IP for it's communications (which are nearly all broadcasts) and standard windows file sharing via UNC path names for the actual file transfer/playing.

screenshot ScreenShot

Comments - - Added on 25th Jan 2005 by lt -
BBox is a very easy to use all-in-one music centre which allows you to perform virtually any music related task.
This application is not only suitable for novice users because underneath it's user friendly interface it shells some very advanced tools.

With BBox you can:

  • play almost any music format from any source (e.g. local files, online radio, CD)
  • extend your music collection with the BBox CD ripper
  • convert existing music files from any format to MP3
  • edit the embedded tags
  • organize your music collection neatly with the BBox organizer.


  • Easy to use
  • Integrated in the Windows© Shell
  • Supports Media Keys
  • CD player & ripper (record your CD's to MP3 files)
  • Plays online radio (.pls and .asx)
  • Advanced Music Organizer
  • Tageditor (ID3), with advanced auto-capitalize options
  • Download additional album info from Amazon
  • Filename to Tag wizard
  • Smart Volume
  • Fully adjustable Intro Scan
  • Backwards playing
  • Variable playback speed
  • Random playback with Normal and Selective (rated) mode
  • CrossFade with Standard and Smart mode
  • FX's: Equalizer and Compressor
  • Supports Sonique visualization plugins
  • Convert any format to MP3
  • MP3, WMA, Wave, MP1, MP2, MP4, AIFF, OGG, M4A, M4V, M4P, AAC, AC3, APE, TTA, OFR, SPX, FLAC & CDA
Comments - - Added on 7th Apr 2008 by jf -
BEATLE will allow users to play music, videos in an environment that is easy to use and offers an array of features that make media organisation extremely easy.  Features such as Mass Tag Editing, Mass File Renaming, Media Library, CD Player, Multiple Playlists, Move Music To Folders, Send To Devices and lots more are included as standard and extra features are available to allow you to sort your media in any fashion you wish.
  • Integrated media library, video and browser support into one window, allowing you to have greater control over your media files..
  • Tracking will store the media files you play most often, specifying how many times you have played them and allows you to build a playlist from the results.
  • Multiple play-lists with advanced playing and skipping support give you better flexibility over how you play you media files..
  • Global hotkeys (global Windows shortcuts) for controlling the player (much like the Winlaunch technology).
  • Send to external/internal device, searching and jumping support.
  • Bookmarks and Moods (moods can be customised) support 
  • Complete ID3v1 to ID3v2 support.
  • Database support for storing meta data from media files (re-usable later).
  • Automatic Volume Adjusting adjusts the volumes for specified media files when played.
  • ...and much more

screenshot ScreenShot

Comments - - Added on 12th Jul 2008 by jl -
BeoPlayer With BeoPlayer Bang & Olufsen has taken yet another step towards the intelligent and intuitive music service that will provide net music users with an easy and magic interface to the bit world. Via a unique graphic interface, Bang & Olufsen are looking at things from the user's point of view and brings Bang & Olufsen's expertise in simple functionality and ease-of-operation to the world of the computer. Clean up the mess Ease of operation Scan your PC for tracks From CD to PC Virtual CD-changer
Comments - - Added on 25th Nov 2001 by ff -
Best Flash Player
This program is a player of Flash files. Best Flash Player has a lot of functions, like in such programs. Very simple interface and navigation.
Comments - - Added on 11th Nov 2002 by jl -

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