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Home Computer Magazine Issue Manager: Home Computer Magazine is published by Cranberry Publishing Ltd in the UK. Home Computer Magazine is free to its readers and is sustained by advertising revenue. Ringtone Downloader is a program to find and download free ringtones for all kind of Mobile Phones including Windows phones, Apple iPhones, Android-based smartphones etc. Built on a very fast and ...
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Astrologos4free is a free astrologycal program, with a lot of features and utils:
- easy to use, open, save charts
- save chart in jpg image format
- print chart and data
- generate text from codes
- transparent editor
- sound recorder
- and more...

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Comments - - Added on 4th Sep 2008 by lt -
Astron contains three small programs for astronomy: - A program that converts equatorial coordinates to horizon coordinates. - A program that calculates the approximate position of the naked eye planets. - A program that calculates the percent illumination and age of the moon.
Comments - - Added on 2nd Oct 2004 by lt -
AstroNav Free
AstroNav is an electronic Nautical Almanac that includes a comprehensive catalogue of stars.
By identifying any star from an altitude and azimuth it dramatically increases a sextantís potential. Every visible body is a potential position line.
The speed with which sights can be plotted means that the quality of the horizon, can be determined by the result. Reasonable sights can be taken at night but few people will take their time to do so using manual calculation because the results are so variable.
The level of detail can be quickly and easily changed. It is a tool that can be used as a simple sight calculator or as a definative astronomical reference.

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Comments - - Added on 22nd Apr 2012 by lt -
Astrophotography exposure calculator
This revision gives fractional seconds in decimal as well as fraction form (such as 0.018 as well as 1/60 second) for the convenience of CCD users. For Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, and XP
Comments - - Added on 9th Jul 2004 by lt -
Astrology/Numerology Calculation Program AstroWin is an astrology/numerology calculation program that includes so many techniques it is virtually impossible to list them all here. Among the techniques are relocation astrology, relationship astrology, planetary hours, midpoints, cosmodynes, primary zodiacal directions, and much more. This program is free for your own non-commercial use and you may copy it and give it to others as long as no price is put on this distribution. AstroWin includes heliocentric planet positions and chartwheels plus heliocentric natal midpoints. Added Robert Couteau's Least-Aspected Planet calculations as referenced in his article 'The Role of the Least-Aspected Planet in Astrocartography'. There is an updated version of the HORARY.TTF file included in this installation. You will need to delete your previous copy of HORARY.TTF from your c:windowsfonts directory, then copy this new file into c:windowsfonts. You may need to reboot after deleting and before copying the new file. If you do not see the Chiron glyph on your chartwheels, then you know you are still using the old font.
Comments - - Added on 24th Sep 2004 by lt -
Asynx Planetarium
Asynx Planetarium is a small but very helpful software, perfect for beginners and people who like to get a quick overview on what is going on todays night sky. It will also predict how the night sky will look like in the future, this forecast is accurate for thousands of years into the future. Much better than any weather forecast!

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Comments - - Added on 11th Jun 2005 by jf -
At the Edge
This site contains an archive of articles originally published in At the Edge and its predecessor, Mercian Mysteries, between 1989 and 1998. In 1998 At the Edge merged with 3rd Stone magazine, which in turn ceased publication at the end of 2003
Exploring new interpretations of past and place in archaeology, folklore and mythology
Comments - - Added on 4th Nov 2007 by lt -
AtonDVD is an administration software for your DVD collection. Advantages over other similar programs are primarily the individual customization of design and the shelf view.

Most important functions:

  • Extensive search functions
  • Statistics of your collection
  • Individual design customization
  • Flashvideo-Trailer can be played
  • Administration of genre,actors and directors
  • Keyboard control of main functions
  • Password protection
  • Export to PDF-Files
  • Integrated Notepad
  • Import and export of Excel tables
  • Extensive help in program
  • Display of actor and director photos possible
  • Shelf view with own editor
  • Possibility to add long texts for every DVD
  • Creating of different DVD-lists
  • Cover zoom function
  • HTML Export
  • Language settings: English and German
  • Creating own design files
  • One own Entry box
  • All window sizes changeable
  • Individual sound for every design
  • Shortcus for different views

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Comments - - Added on 22nd Oct 2008 by jf -
Auction Alert
Do you spend a lot of time searching for items on eBay JUST IN CASE something great has been listed since you last looked? Are you interested in snapping up Buy-It-Now bargains but can never get in early enough? Then you need Auction Alert! (It's Free!)
Auction Alert brings eBay to your desktop. Use it to search for items, save your favorite searches for Buy-It-Now auctions, regular auctions and eBay stores.
Best of all... Auction Alert can automate your searches so you can spend your time doing something else. You choose how often you want Auction Alert to search for something, and it'll run quietly in the background until it finds something you might be interested in.
It's easy, it's fast, and it's free! If you want to get the inside scoop on the best deals in eBay... or if you simply want more free time, then download Auction Alert for FREE today!
Comments - - Added on 24th Jan 2007 by vj -
Auction Misspelled Tool
Every day thousands of items are listed on eBay with descriptions containing spelling mistakes. These items often expire with no bids on them as no-one can find them. Auction Misspelled Tool - find the 1000's of auctions that are misspelled (have typos) on eBay. Why? You may ask, well when some one misspells an auction it may get over looked by people searching for the correct spelling. You often can save very much if you can find these auction typos. Our free tool put this power at your finger tips. Never before has such a powerful tool been offered for free.

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Comments - - Added on 21st May 2007 by vj -

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