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Home Computer Magazine Issue Manager: Home Computer Magazine is published by Cranberry Publishing Ltd in the UK. Home Computer Magazine is free to its readers and is sustained by advertising revenue. Ringtone Downloader is a program to find and download free ringtones for all kind of Mobile Phones including Windows phones, Apple iPhones, Android-based smartphones etc. Built on a very fast and ...
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Affirmations are fantastic, affirmations work.

There are numerous means of applying affirmations - saying them, writing them etc. At the end of the day, affirmations need to become a "habit".

So, we developed the AffirmationFlow application in order to assist you in keeping your affirmations alive and thereby enable you to make use of this powerful technique to have what you want and be who you want.

When this application is running you will see a small text box at the top of your screen which displays affirmations of your choice

It doesn't bother you, it's just there, reminding you of your life as you want it. Sometimes you'll notice it and it may lift your spirits. Sometimes you won't be aware of it at all - but it's still there, reminding you.

Features include:
  • Use your own affirmations
  • Have numerous affirmation lists
  • Customize length of time for which affirmations are displayed
  • Configure the text box as you wish - size, position
  • Select font and text box formats for each affirmation - colours, text type. 

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Both for individual researchers as for research groups or projects, it is of major importance to organize the literature one has read. A well organized bibliography is a powerful instrument. It speeds up the search for publications one has already read and supports the user in structuring information. Aigaion provides a bibliography management environment that supports a user in just this: Organizing and managing a complete bibliography, from small bibliographies to bibliographies for a complete research department.
Comments - - Added on 14th Nov 2008 by vj -
Aitor is a program with a mission, that to learn languages by speaking with different people. Everyone can teach it a language by simply typing sentences, and Aitor responds with sentences based on his aquired knowledge. The more Aitor learns, the more his phrases will make sense, in the hope that if taken care of properly, he will completely master the language. Apart from that, Aitor can learn by reading books! In fact he can read an entire novel in under five minutes and learn how every single word is being used inside the story.
Comments - - Added on 4th Feb 2005 by vj -
I developed AlbumEasy because I wanted an easy to use layout program for designing custom stamp album pages. There are a number of good album layout programs tailored to philately, most of them being fairly reasonably priced. However, I find that laying out pages using a mouse can be fairly time consuming. I wanted a quicker method. AlbumEasy is the result. It takes a simple text file containing a description of the album pages as input, and generates a PDF file as output. Click on UnionSouthAfrica.pdf. for an example of an AlbumEasy generated file. AlbumEasy is free of charge. I developed it for my own use, but as I felt that other stamp collectors might find it useful, I have made it publicly available. Requirements: A PC running Windows or Linux

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Comments - - Added on 10th Jan 2006 by lt -
AlcoVol is an interactive, graphical, fluid volumes conversion and display application.
  • The most comprehensive database available of past, present and metric fluid volumes, and alcohol measures.
  • The ability to order units lists alphabetically, according to metric units first, UK and US units first, or Australian units first. You can also instantly swap 'from' and 'to' units.
  • Predictive search on units lists - instead of 'scrolling and clicking' on units, you can type out units in the textboxes above the lists and as you do so, AlcoVol's lists automatically scroll to the 'best matching' units in the database - based on each letter you type.
  • Instantaneous conversions - as you click on a unit, type out a unit or type out a value, the conversion result immediately gets displayed numerically in a textbox and also graphically on AlcoVol's 'flask' - the flask's scales and range automatically adjust to the values to be displayed.
  • Graphical interactivity - you can physically drag the fluid level in the 'flask' graphic up or down and the corresponding 'from' and 'to' values scroll with the movement. The color and appearance of the fluid in the 'flask' can be adjusted.
  • Conversion reports - You can choose which conversions to save, and when you're done, pressing 'Make File' results in a CSV textfile of your chosen conversions being produced (which you can import into say, a spreadsheet).

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Alien Speech
Alien Speech is a freeware Text to Speech program. Simply type in some text or load a text file, and Alien Speech will read it for you, at a speed and pitch of your choice. This text to speech converter is completely free and is based on the microsoft text to speech engine, meaning it is compatible with nearly all recent versions of Windows.
Comments - - Added on 7th Jun 2004 by vj -
All-Time Statistics Database
All-Time Statistics Database: Baseball, Basketball, Hockey
These databases contain individual player and team statistics for the entire history of pro baseball (1871-2001 for the NL, AL, FL, AA, NA, PL, and UA), pro basketball (1937-2001 for the NBA, ABA, BAA, and NBL), and pro hockey (1917-2001 for the NHL and WHA) and allow a user to sort, query, limit, display, and print these player and team statistics in any user-defined fashion desired.
Comments - - Added on 20th Jul 2006 by lt -
Alligation, Pharmacy calculations, Alligator, Dextrose mixer, Intravenous solution 1. Calculates volumes of two solutions of different concentrations needed to make a final volume of a mixture of the 2 solutions. 2. This is a very tiny program that can come in handy when you want to cross check your math or if pressed by time. 3. To run, launch Setup.exe
Comments - - Added on 28th May 2005 by vj -
Calculates sunrise, sunset, twilight, moonrise, and constellations visible.
Comments - - Added on 9th Jul 2004 by lt -
ALNO Virtual Kitchen
Virtual Kitchen 3 (VK3) is the next generation of Virtual Kitchen. While the prior version was based on rigid kitchen arrangements, VK3 allows you to position articles in a space of your choosing. You can define the room to be anywhere from 180 to 900 cm long and/or wide. You can put your articles anywhere within this space. This enables you to plan your own dream kitchen. The fully reprogrammed 3D kernel enables you to let your imagination run wild in your kitchen. Although calculations are run in real time, the program offers high quality display capabilities. Select floor and wall colours, put up windows and doors and then use your mouse to position your kitchen elements wherever you want them. You can decorate the planned kitchen with realistic accessories and modify the lighting conditions. You can admire your kitchen from many different perspectives and get a realistic feel for what your dream kitchen will look

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