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The Cherry Photo Album helps you organize your pictures quickly and easily using categories. Your pictures can be stored in single file albums or in linked folders. Albums can be strongly encrypted ... SoftCAD 3D Lite: SoftCAD.3D Lite 1.16 This is not a demo but a fully functional version available for commercial or presonel use. Architectural 3D modeler with with training exercises. Complete with ...
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Babya bPicture '04
Babya bPicture '04 is a free and powerful image management application. It comes with Babya Presenter and Babya Photo Workshop Professional 2.0.
Babya bPicture '04 has improved so much, that instead of version 3.0, it is version 4.0.
- Powerful image browser and management
- Easy to use image sorting feature
- EXIF metadata information viewer program (handy if you use a EXIF compatible imaging device)
- Built in slideshow feature, also includes Babya Presenter, if you want to create image slideshows.
- Includes Babya Photo Workshop Professional 2

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Comments - - Added on 19th May 2007 by lt -
Babya PhotoPro
Babya PhotoPro lets you be creative in a multitude of ways-from creating simple graphics, to advanced editing and effects and even your own icons.
PhotoPro is perfect for the professional photographer, to camera enthusiasts and even home users.
Babya PhotoPro runs on both Windows Vista and XP.
Use Babya PhotoPro's powerful and advanced toolset to create the most impressive graphics ever-perfect for any project.
Familiar tools included for Photo Workshop XL users-3d shapes, filters/adders and the file browser
These include: Colors, Despeckler, Filters (Stepped Mode), Deformers, Adders, Rotate, Resize, Text, Print, Merge/Watermark, Sculpture, Shift/Scroll, Trace, Extractor, Make GFX, And more!
Babya PhotoPro is a great sharer-from scanning in images (TWAIN and WIA), to round-tripping of images- such as Adobe Dreamweaver and Adobe Photoshop to PhotoPro and back again. And of course-sharing-in JPG format.
Features for powerful workflow automation include:
- Import and use Corel Paint Shop Pro color palettes-saves time!
- Merge images instantly-within PhotoPro
- Save to PDF with Adobe Acrobat or similar software-just save via the Print dialog (like if you were to print a image).
Babya PhotoPro has a generous amount of Undo/redo levels-1000.
Babya PhotoPro Art Collection is a free add-on to Babya PhotoPro that includes all of the images from Babya Presenter Pack 1 and over 20 newly created images that are suitable for backgrounds or for use with the sculpture feature.

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Comments - - Added on 19th May 2007 by lt -
BabyaCAD is a powerful software specially created for CAD design.
Here are some key features of "BabyaCAD":
- Position and rotation control
- Adding polygons
- Editing polygons
- Editing points
- Editing points extended
- Textures
- Materials
- Light sources
- Assigning textures and materials to polygons
- View modes
- Save as Shot It map
- Restore original Shot It map
OS: Windows 2K/XP/Vista

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Comments - - Added on 29th Jun 2007 by lt -
Babyaone Photo
BabyaOne Photo is the ideal starting point for home users who want to quickly edit their own photos.
It's not complicated or hard-just fun and very easy!

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Comments - - Added on 6th Jun 2008 by jf -
BabyaOne View
BabyaOne View is a delightfully easy and intuitive image organizer.
BabyaOne View has been designed to suit the needs of digital camera owners who need a fast program to organize and view their photos.


  • View images as a slideshow
  • Auto image rename function
  • Lightweight-BabyaOne View is just 212KB
  • Uses a database to store images-you can store  images of any size with ease
  • Very fast

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Comments - - Added on 6th Jun 2008 by jf -
BAC Image Indexer
Produce professional looking indexes (Contact Sheets) with a few clicks of your mouse, very easy to use and no knowledge of graphics or graphic formats is assumed. Built-in settings make it EVEN easier.
The program will (currently) handle the following formats: JPEG (.jpg,.jpe,.jpeg),GIF,PNG (Portable Network Graphics),BMP, PCX, most TIFF (.tif) formats and most TARGA (.tga) formats.
Comments - - Added on 27th Aug 2003 by jf -
Background Tester!
The simplest way to test your images how they will look tiled as backgroud in your Webpages . Very easy to use. No problem with your huge collection of backgrounds. You can also use it as a "cheap" but nice viewer that supports many image formats! (It uses your browser - Internet Explorer or Netscape Communicator -Supports drag and drop of many images). I think that you will find it useful if you design webpages!
Comments - - Added on 6th Feb 2003 by cb -
Backgrounder adds background images to Windows folders. Additionally, you have the possibility to choose the color of the file captions in the Windows explorer. 1. Installation There is no installation needed. Copy the program to wherever you store your applications on your harddisk and start it. 2. Use It’s simple: First, select the folder you want to embellish with a picture. Then, choose the picture to add. If necessary resize the picture in your favorite image editor. Supported file formats are JPEG and Bitmap (BMP). Finally decide which color Backgrounder the explorer should use for file captions in this folder.
Comments - - Added on 27th Sep 2004 by vj -
Bad Peggy
Bad Peggy searches for damaged JPEG files and will validate and verify pictures for truncation and other blemishes which sometimes occur when such files are getting downloaded or restored from bad backups. Itīs quite useful for example to check if your precious photo library is still all intact - and itīs fast, comfortable to use and reliable in the analysis it does.
OS: Windows All, Linux.

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Comments - - Added on 23rd Jun 2006 by vj -
Balthers Graphic Groove Box
Balthers Graphic Groove Box is a VJ and Moving Visuals program for the professional digital artist, handling graphics, Flash, videos and 3D. PC key and MIDI control with interactive real time animated Effects. No installation required except of the Quick Time Player.

The structure of the software:
1. One background layer with color, graduating and center position animation.
2. Twenty-five layers with 2D media's like:
- Digital photo: tif, bmp, jpg, pds, png, Mack etc.
- Digital video: Quick Time, AVI, mpeg.
- Flash: Up to Flash MX 2004.
3. One layer with 3D model import (*.W3D) and 3D text. Edit and real-time manipulation.
4. One animated free mask effect in the form of a vector based drawing function creating a moving mask effect.
5. An interactive real-time live setup function working on all layers. The trigger is a MIDI controller and the PC keyboard. Connections for in/output-devices like DMX, video and audio tracking etc. is under development.

All the parameters are imbedded in floating palettes like the Properties, the Live and the Tools palettes.
The work/show area is one the main screen and the tool palettes can be moved to a secondary screen.
Supported Platforms: WinXP

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Comments - - Added on 15th Jan 2005 by lt -

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