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Archimedes Grapher Slide Show is a powerful and convenient software kit, which is used to play slides generated by Archimedes Grapher in full screen. With it, you can play Archimedes Grapher ... Game of Life: Conways game of life. Artificial life simulation. Has the ability to save and load states and comes with several states that demonstrate various oscillators, spaceships, puffers and ...
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AsifSound Dictionary
I'm a Japanese boy with a sophisticated donkey's ear who is interested in English language, especially its pronunciation variety. This website's aim is to introduce my invention of "Sound-based Spelling Dictionary" to the children, teachers, students and so on who are related to American spoken English. It's a Freeware for non-commercial purpose, and I'd like to distribute it to many people over the world. This original dict. is a public CMU (Carnegie Mellon University) Pronouncing Dictionary containing over 125,000 words. Features: 1. Sound-Spelling dictionary. 2. It's made by HTML file. (about 5MB) Therefore, you can use the standard search function of the web browser. 3. I don't distinguish the similar sound on purpose. 4. The word is listed by its sound (length order & alphabetically). 5. Summing up, This is a grouping technique.
Comments - - Added on 17th Nov 2005 by lt -
AskWord'97 is program that asks words from you. You only have to write words to wordlist and program will asks words in random order. You can use this software to studying for vocabulary tests in school etc. File includes English and Finnish versions. Program works with Windows 98/ME/NT4/2000/XP (and with Windows 95 if Internet Explorer 3 is installed).
Comments - - Added on 5th Mar 2003 by cb -
ASS1: Addition program
This small program can teach adding, taking and times tables. This is the final version of my first program coded in C++
Comments - - Added on 20th Feb 2005 by lt -
Astro Calculator
Finding an object in the sky can be hard; especially if your a beginner and do not have a computer control telescope. Even with star charts, finding an object can be difficult because the stars in the sky are often more numerous than the stars shown on a chart. This calculator will not find an object for you, but it will help you find the correct part of the sky to look. To make the calculator work, you'll read the right ascension and declination off of a chart or from a listing, and input it into the calculator. The calculator will give you the altatude and aszimuth (the degrees read off of a compass) of the object. If you're telescope has altitude and aszimuth markings, or if you can make the markings yourself, you should be able to point your scope very close to what you're looking for. This calculator is actually an Excel spreadsheet. So you'll need a spreadsheet that can read Excel files. I wrote this program to be used with my Pocket PC. But any computer that can read Excel will do. Also you'll need to know the latitude and longitude of your observation site (look it up on the web). And your difference from Universal Time. (If you're in the Central Time Zone, the difference is 6 hours. Decrease 1 hour for each time zone as you go east, add hours if you go west.)
Comments - - Added on 15th May 2005 by lt -
Astronomy Conversion Tool
Astronomy Conversion Tool converts between space units such as astronomical units, light years, and more.
OS: Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista.
Comments - - Added on 30th Aug 2009 by jf -
Atanua is a real-time logic simulator, designed to help in learning of basic boolean logic and electronics. It uses OpenGL hardware-accelerated rendering and a custom UI designed for a fast workflow and a very low learning curve, letting the students concentrate on learning the subject instead of spending time learning the tool.


  • Intuitive, hardware-accelerated interface.
  • Available for Windows, Linux and Mac os X.
  • Real-time logic simulation (at 1000Hz).
  • Most common logic blocks, with both US and Finnish symbols.
  • Simulation of various 74-series chips.
  • Simulation of a 8051 microcontroller variant.
  • Input through keyboard-bound buttons, output through various LEDs and 7-segment displays.
  • Plug-in interface for creation of custom parts.
  • Instant feedback through wire colors, which show signal states and error states.
  • Helpful tooltips.
  • Anti-cheating tool available for teachers for homework validation.
Note: Atanua is free for personal use.

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Comments - - Added on 28th Mar 2008 by jf -
Atlas of World History Map Animation
Free historical atlas software for Windows PCs. Computer map animation--a great new way to visualize history! 4000 year animation shows empires growing and countries changing. History of Europe, Africa, and Asia from the earliest countries to the year 1000. For Windows 98, 2000, ME, and XP PCs.

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Star Rewarded as an Excellent Freeware Program by the Primewares staff

Comments - - Added on 8th Jan 2006 by lt -
Atmosphere Applet
This program lets you study how the properties of the atmosphere change with altitude. You can study the atmosphere of either the Earth or Mars. The equations used in this program are taken from the ICAO standard day model for the Earth and from some curve fits of the Martian atmosphere gathered by the Global Surveyor spacecraft. Using the airplane graphic you can select an altitude, or you can type an altitude into the input box. The program instantly outputs a selected property and displays the local temperature and pressure on gages. You can output the temperature, pressure, density, local speed of sound, Mach number for specified velocity, or the ratio of aircraft lift to the lift on Earth at sea level. Input and output can be given in either Enlish or metric units.

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Comments - - Added on 17th Jun 2006 by lt -
AudiFlash is a free program for creating and using auditory flash cards. AudiFlash is ideal for practicing and preparing for oral exams and other tests.
Audio flash cards provide several advantages over conventional quizzes and tests. Unlike multiple choice quizzes which give you the answers, auditory flash cards truly test your memory, as you aren't presented with any options.
Furthermore, creating and using audio flash cards is much faster than manually typing questions and answers!
So how does it work? You simply record your questions and answers using AudioCreator. Afterwards, you use AudiFlash to take the test. AudiFlash includes a "scoring mode", which will show you how well you did (percentage and grade scale. Thus, you can track your progress.
AudiFlash consists of two programs:
- AudiFlash: The quiz program
- AudioCreator: The quiz creator.

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Comments - - Added on 12th Jan 2007 by jf -
Auto Simulation
This program runs a NYCTA subway train through automatic signal territory. Watch the signals and stop arms operate in relation to the relay circuits.

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Comments - - Added on 2nd Dec 2006 by jf -

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