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Enterprise Blue Short Message Service (EBSMS) Enterprise Blue are delighted to announce the launch of the Enterprise Blue Short Message Service application. Now you can send text messages to ... SoftMailCheck SE: The solution to unwanted Email for Windows 2000, Windows 95/98/ME, Windows NT Receiving junk emails has become an everyday occurrence for most people. SoftMailCheck is an email ...
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Chat-N-Tickle is a simple chat program designed for one-on-one chat. This program is free. There are no advertising banners. Enjoy using it! Tell your friends! You see a list of all users currently available for chat. See the typing as it is entered. No need to press a Send button. Voice chat and live video are now included. Send pictures from your hard drive to instantly pop-up on your partner's screen. Send your partner's web browser to the same site you are on. Design your own custom color schemes. Choose an icon picture to match your name.
Comments - - Added on 2nd Aug 2002 by vj -
Chat80 brings totally new and superior approach making your chatting easier and faster than ever! Chat80 Basic is fast, intuitive and reliable HTML chat application based on enhanced AJAX technology.
Comments - - Added on 28th Jan 2006 by vj -
Chat with many people face-to-face simultaneously. Now you can see who is behind the keyboard. Each room has equal number of males and females. Rate people you like/dislike. People with many negative votes are kicked out of the room and teleported to a random one. Buddy list. See when your friends are online. Move to friend's room or invite him/her to your room.
Comments - - Added on 22nd Jul 2005 by vj -
ChatStation is a chat-program for network or internet. No chatserver is needed, only ChatStation has to be run on every computer and after a quick configuration every pc(-user) can communicate with each other. Of course every participant of a chat-session can choose an own color. And beside saying, shouting, gasping etc. you can do any action you want (e.g. laugh). ChatStation has a cool user interface and is skinnable; so the interface can be completely replaced by another

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Comments - - Added on 21st Oct 2002 by vj -
ChatterBox is a multiple client, single server graphical chat program written in Java using Swing. Some basic features include sending private messages, kicking users (server only), and obtaining IP information on users (server only). It runs on any operating system supporting Java 1.3.

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Comments - - Added on 30th Jul 2004 by lt -
Check Mail (POP)
Check Mail (POP) is a very lightweight and easy to use utility for checking for new mail in a POP account. It is highly customisable allowing you to be notified in a number of ways. Some of its main features include:- - Compatible with any account that can be accessed via POP - Don't like my icons? Use your own! - Play a custom new mail sound of your choice, either wav or mp3 format - Optional pop-up alert window with a time delay of your choice - SSL compatible so can be used to check on your new GMail account - Small program that uses relatively few resources (compared to a full mail client) - The option to launch a webpage and/or an installed full mail client - Discreet (Tray icon) existence - ITS FREE!

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Comments - - Added on 11th Sep 2005 by lt -
A free mail checking program with many nice features.
- Secure Full support for POP3 password authentication, using CRAM-MD5 (rfc2195) or APOP (rfc1939), for IMAP password authentication using CRAM-MD5 (rfc2195), and for HotMail HTTPMAIL encrypted passwords via Digest MD5 (rfc1321 and rfc2069). Support SSL !!!!!!!
- Unlike CheckP3, many other email checkers can't encrypt your email password and so they become a security risk.
- SPAM aware antispam with Regular Expressions (REGEX)
- Easy to setup Automated Windows installer.
- Easy to use Multiple window interface, online help.
- Versatile Check POP3/IMAP/HotMail email accounts, newsgroups, FTP sites, or even files on your hard disk. Check if a server is up (PING), show statistics about your network hardware, synchronize the PC clock with Internet time servers.
- Automated Launch user-defined programs when new messages are received. Automatic or manual checks with debug mode,...
- Well-connected Firewall and proxy support... Send email...
- Customizable Dock to desktop, set window transparency (win2k/xp), personalized layout.
- Compact Minimum HDD and RAM requirements...
- Fun Wav support, MS Agent support...
- International English and Italian, with translation toolkit to add more languages.
- Compatible Windows 98/ME, NT, 2000, XP, 2003.

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Comments - - Added on 11th Jun 2002 by jl -
Chime Away
Chime Away! is a tiny program that automatically downloads and sets new away messages for Aol Instant Messenger™ every minute. You can select messages from tons of categories like Food, School, Shower, Sleep, and Work etc. Chime Away! also lets you cycle through your own AIM away messages, and you can specify which messages to use by entering the keywords.
Comments - - Added on 10th Sep 2003 by cs -
ChitChat! is a text-based chat program for Windows 95 or NT that allows multiple users1 to converse in real time. It is compatible with the standard UNIX talk protocol, and the Ytalk program on the UNIX platforms. ChitChat! is free to all academic and noncommercial home users
Comments - - Added on 12th May 2004 by vj -
ChoiceMail Free
ChoiceMail Free is a new FREE version of our highly acclaimed ChoiceMail One product. It may be all the spam protection you need. It contains ChoiceMail’s most important features, including whitelist, blacklist, permission/blocking rules (both built-in and user-defined), safe message previewing and unknown sender registration. ChoiceMail Free does not work with AOL, Yahoo, MSN and Hotmail webmail accounts. Some features available in ChoiceMail One are disabled, and certain user preferences, such as the content of automated messages, are fixed. All outgoing emails are tagged with a brief message indicating that you are using ChoiceMail Free.
Comments - - Added on 30th Aug 2004 by jl -

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