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Climsy - Clipboard Image Sharing Tool Easy to use freeware tool which boost work with clipboard images to higher level. With you are always just One Click FROM sharing of Your Image. ... Desktop Modify is a great little free program that cheers up your desktop making it cute and unique by arranging your icons into different shapes and styles. You can arrange your desktop icons ...
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AppAway will hide your window applications while they run in the background. AppAway allows you to drag the AppAway icon onto the software you want to hide. It doesn't get much easier than that! Later you can right click on AppAway icon and display the hidden application. AppAway is small. It's written in C++ without any resource hungry components which means that AppAway is using as little system resources as possible. The entire application is less than 80kb and will probably be one of the smallest programs on your PC.

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Comments - - Added on 7th Nov 2005 by lt -
AppBar is a fast menuing system for Windows 95/NT. It stresses simplicity and memory frugalness rather than OLE support. Even the source is included in the package!
It is similar to OS/2's FileBar, residing at the top or bottom of the screen, with pull-down menus of your choice of applications.
Note: Also available in German.

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Comments - - Added on 23rd Jan 2004 by jf -
This is a free application launcher, or dock, for Windows. It allows organizing your shortcuts and folders into a convenient dock. The app is open source, which means that it's free and will remain so. It is entirely customizable and is available in multiple languages.


  • Support for plugins
  • Support for multiple skins (two included)
  • Resizable dock, which allows displaying the icons both horizontally or vertically.
  • Three sizes of icons: Small, large and extra-large
  • Support for custom icons
  • 'Wizard' to automatically imports shortcuts from various locations
  • Organize the icons by drag & dropping them
  • 'Multi-launch' functionality
  • Regroup multiple shortcuts within one menu
  • Hot key to hide / show the dock
  • Special items to provide extra functionalities: hide / show the desktop, Recycle Bin, Control Panel, etc.
  • Support for multiple languages
  • Minimize to tray icon functionality
OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista

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Comments - - Added on 1st Jun 2009 by jf -
Apple Mouse Utility
Are you using a 1 button Apple mouse under Windows? Than this utility is the solution for you! By holding the Control key while this utility is running, the mouse button will act as the right mouse button instead of the left mouse button! The program runs under Windows NT/9x and above.
Comments - - Added on 28th Sep 2002 by jl -
Applications Priority Master
Run programs with your desirable pre-defined priority.
Instead of using Windows Task Manager to change the Runnining Processes priority (something which is not convenient), Applications Priority Master gives you the ability to create programs' shortcuts, specifying the priority you want them to start with. So, make a list of programs and run them from Applications Priority Master, with a pre-defind priority according to your needs.
OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista.

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Comments - - Added on 10th Nov 2005 by jl -
Appnimi Auto Screen Capture
Appnimi Auto Screen Capture lets you capture screenshots of your desktop at regular intervals of time. It is a very useful utility when you would like to keep a record of whatever you had been doing over the time. It helps in analysing the time spent on a particular task. All these capturing is done automatically. It is free Easy to use Support Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista and Win 7 Systems Captures screenshots at regular interval You can set the time span for which the screenshots are to be taken. The exe in the installation directory is portable With an elegant GUI the user can set the parameters easily before starting the screen capture.

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Comments - - Added on 4th Feb 2011 by vj -
AppPaths 2000
Application Paths 2000 is a small Control Panel extension that will allow you to edit various startup settings defined in the MS Windows System Registry. AppPaths includes facilities to modify the startup (Run) settings found in the MS Windows System Registry as well as MS Windows System Services, AppPaths and Help settings.
Comments - - Added on 18th Jun 2001 by jl -
If you would like to start a program e.g. "MYAPP.exe" through the run dialog box (Winkey + R ) Windows first search the current WINDOWS and WINDOWSSYSTEM also PROGRAMFILES and root drive (eg. c: ) folders for this file. If it's not found, Windows will continue to search for it in the %PATH% variable and if it's still not found, searches the list which AppPathz is showing to you! If the EXE name is found, Windows will simply execute what you have configured, even if it's a total different file. Edit the existing entries to your needs or add a new one.
Platform: Win9x/ME/NT/2000/XP.

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Comments - - Added on 3rd Mar 2005 by lt -
AppPlus Lite
AppPlus is a menu bar or tray launcher that docks to your desktop, floats, auto-hides, or sits in your system tray. It includes the following features: - Create an unlimited amount of graphic/text-based buttons that launch any number of programs, Websites, e-mail addresses, or folders (which open in the AppPlus Menu System). - Each shortcut can be set by dragging & dropping any file or folder or by the Shortcut Wizard. - Set hotkeys, custom icons, and the color for each shortcut. - A tray-based icon gives you access to instant activation of your screen saver and Windows shutdown commands. - On the toolbar, bands can be created that allow the toolbar and its shortcuts to be customized in any way imaginable.

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Comments - - Added on 24th Mar 2005 by lt -
A small utility that is useful for customizing your Windows environment. Contains links to many commonly used Windows functions as well as other useful utilities.
Comments - - Added on 14th Mar 2002 by vj -

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