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QuicKalendar gives you quick and easy access to a calendar whenever you need it. You can view the calendar on screen, or print it out to jot down notes and appointments. The QuicKalendar ... Calendar-7: A Gregorian calendar for desktop. Features of freeware version: - Names of months and days of week will be display according to regional settings of OS Windows (auto localization); - ...
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1-4a Datestat
1-4a DateStat shows the difference between two dates.
 You type in the dates (even before Christ, or really large years) and it shows the difference (=age) in different ways. See the screen capture above.
  • Check how old you are
  • Check how much older your father is
  • Check how old you will be in 1000 weeks
  • Check what day of week you've been born
  • Check the day number of year

 You can add dates/weeks/months/years to a certain date to see what date it will be.
 No installation needed. Just start it and calculate the age. 1-4a DateStat doesn't write anything to the hard disk.
Comments - - Added on 19th Oct 2002 by jl -
1st Contact for Win3.x
1st Contact is a small but versatile contact manager that holds more than 65,000 contacts in both yellow and white pages. It also has ten user-defined categories to choose from, so you can customize sorting and displaying of your contacts. It maintains personal and business information about your contacts, including phone numbers, addresses, email, and Web site information. Using its own database technology gives 1st Contact speed, regardless of your number of contacts. It is menu driven, and it includes a button bar, full help files, and a redesigned interface with Internet Explorer attributes. It prints phone lists and has international support for dialing and storing phone numbers. 1st Contact for Win 3.x is now freeware. To continue using this software past the thirty day evaluation period, please send your name, email address and the name of the software to and we will send you your FREE registration codes by return email.

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Comments - - Added on 16th Aug 2004 by lt -
2011 business card calendar
It’s that time of year again when I release free custom business card calendar artwork, so the 2011 business card calendar download is now available.
Just like last year the zip folder includes 3 versions with your choice of backgrounds in light granite, grey marble, or plain white. The free 2010 business card calendar for this year is still available for download, also. Each card design is oversized at 3.625? x 2.125? for USA standard business card size to allow bleed for 1/16th trim on each side to 3.5 x 2.0 after printing. [|ss]
Comments - - Added on 7th Nov 2010 by lt -
3Day Organizer Personal
3Day Organizer is a simple yet powerful personal information manager (PIM) for personal or business use. It has promising features that you are unable to find in other information managers today. Like other products, it's using an outline tree to organize the information, an RTF editor to write notes; unlike other products, it associates a powerful attachment list with a note, associates a note with a list entry, and associates a note or a user-defined list with an outline node. This unique data structure brings an unbelievable flexibility to organize all kinds of information for your personal use or business use. 3Day Organizer is developed in Java 1.4.2.
Examples of using 3Day Organizer are:
- Personal use: Contact/address book, E-receipts repository, Web login database, Payment due tracking, Homework (if you are a student!), Travel log (frequent flyer, trip prep.), Knowledge base (with many possibilities!), Diary (then you need business version!), Your own e-book!, Photo album.
- Business use: Task list, Bug database (no check in/out now), Client support issues (we use this a lot!), Bill repository (for your tax return!), Meeting notes, Technical tips/articles, Inventory list (computers, office supplies), Customer report, Work diary
- Unique information structure. List, note and attachment are well combined to create a flexible structure. If you start to use, you will be surprised.:-) We are proud of the list and attachment features, and will keep improving the note.
- Java language. Most (if not all) PIM are developed in C/C++ for Windows native support. We chose Java as the language for at least two benefits: 1) built-in international language support. 2) cross-platform support.
The personal version contains almost all features and is free for personal use

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Comments - - Added on 21st Jul 2012 by lt -
A Personal Information Manager
A Personal Information Manager is a Free Program allowing you can Organize your Names and Addresses. You can have multiple Address Books organizing Names, Addresses, Phone numbers, email addresses, birthdays, Christmas Cards and Gifts with comments. You can create Schedules, and save numerous clip notes. Supports Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.
- Numerous separate Address Books available.
- Set up separate Address Books for Individual Users.
- Save Names and Addresses with E-Mail Addresses, Fax, Comments and Pictures.
- Sort and Select Names and Addresses for Birthday and Christmas Cards and Gifts.
- Quickly Locate Name with Browser and Search Windows.
- Copy Names and Addresses between Address Books.
- Calendar with Scheduler.
- Print Name and Address Lists.
- Create and Print Form Letters.
- Set Window and Window Component Colors.
- Complete Help for easy program use.
- Free Program - No Registration Necessary !

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Comments - - Added on 30th Dec 2010 by lt -
A1 Visual Contact
An intuitive, interactive and web-enabled PIM that is more than an electronic address book. It integrates with your email client, browser, and word processor. The most frequent operations you do daily are just a click away. It supports Import / Export from/to other applications. You can also drag-N-drop to other applications. Organize your contacts into groups and send e-mails in bulk. A1 Visual Contact is FREE for non-commercial use. Windows 95/98 Windows NT Windows 2000 Windows Me
Comments - - Added on 7th Jan 2005 by lt -
AAP Reminder
AAP Reminder (AapRem) is free program that organizes birthdays, appointments, or any event. Each time you enter Windows, AapRem reminds you of those upcoming events, which current date / time is close enough to do something about it. AapRem supports both one-time events and events that occur periodically e.g. every month, every week, every evening etc (recurring events and custom recurring events). It is very easy to use. To show your notes AapRem uses full screen and wraps long lines so that your notes could be easily seen.
At the start it is always on top of all other windows so that you don`t miss an important event. Special Reminder Editor and Reminder Item Edit Dialog make it very easy to set the date / time interval when a note should be visible and enter the note itself, as well as to edit or delete a note. AAP Reminder is free (freeware).
Note: Last Free Version!
Comments - - Added on 28th Jul 2003 by vj -
AbAlarm is a small and easy to use alarm clock for your PC. Give AbAlarm a specific time or an amount of minutes to count down and let you remind automatically with a given text and sound. You will never forget your favorite TV show or to get your pizza out of the oven in time.

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Comments - - Added on 31st Jul 2003 by cb -
ABC Amber BlackBerry Editor
ABC Amber BlackBerry Editor is an easy-to-use, award-winning program that helps you manage contact information in IPD (BlackBerry Backup) files.
You can retrieve an address book from IPD file, edit it (full name, company name, job title, phone numbers, home and work addresses, etc.) and then put it back on BB.

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Comments - - Added on 17th Jun 2007 by jf -
Active Desktop Calendar
Active Desktop Calendar is a JavaScript program that displays a calendar month on the Windows Active Desktop of Windows 98/NT/2000 with monthly changing images. MS Internet Explorer 5 or better is required.

* Click on arrow-buttons to jump to other months and see the background image changing.
* Easily customize background images for each month in stylesheets (CSS).
* With 13 background photos and automatic setup.
* Supporting 11 languages: English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Português, Español, Nederlands...
* Weeks start with either Sunday or Monday. Support for week numbers.
* Freeware (for private use).

System requirements: Internet Explorer 5.5 or later, Active Desktop enabled, a single monitor system.
Comments - - Added on 6th Jun 2002 by rl -

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