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MJ Browser is a simple and fast, but fully-featured browser, based on IE's underlying built-in OS support routines. It has support for - Tabbed Browsing - Reading out highlighted text (Helpful for ... DownTango: Elegant, Simple and free download manager for Windows A good multi-part download manager is the basic necessity for any PC user who downloads from internet, we have free utilities like ...
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Amaze Web page Snapshot
Do you want to save whole webpage as the picture, save the frame webpage or the webpage with scroll bar as the picture. Copy or input the website of wanting the snapshot, then click the “Snapshot” button. The snapshot of the page put on the left side. Right click on the list can use the website to copy the snapshot to Clipboard; also can be saved as JPG or BMP picture. Double-click the preview images can be edited.
1. It can save the web page as a picture, only one click.
2. Save into JPG or BMP format pictures.
3. The website can be copied into the Clipboard pictures.
4. It can directly paste the snapshot to Clipboard
5. Automatically remove advertisements GOOGLE ADSENSE before snapshots.
6. Automatic removal FLASHES before snapshot.
7. Only one program file will be no need to install direct use!
8. It's free - no registration required.
For Windows 98/Me or Windows 2000/XP/2003/ (Vista?)

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Comments - - Added on 27th Jun 2010 by lt -
Easily copy and save web content in second.
AmazeCopy enables you to preserve a ministry or complete web page content. When seeing material or the essay that needs in the web browser. The page content which will be preserved is selected first, then press CTRL+C copy it to clipboard, and at this moment the title of the essay that AmazeCopy can point out you will save after importing to mark to know the title of the page content that present time was duplicated, click "OK" button, AmazeCopy can reach the picture that is mutually related at the content that backstage supporter helped you to preserve the page that duplicates voluntarily. Read or consults with fully in the future.

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Comments - - Added on 5th Jan 2007 by vj -
Amazon Product Finder
A Windows application that uses Amazon E-Commerce Service for searching, reviewing and browsing products with user given parameters against catalogs. Application is targeted for home users.

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Comments - - Added on 6th Sep 2006 by jf -
Amazon Toolbar
Amazon Toolbar for Internet Explorer makes shopping at Amazon a little easier. It even contains a currency converter.

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Comments - - Added on 14th Dec 2004 by jf -
AmiPic Lite
AmiPic is set of software tools designed primarily for boosting your web search experience. With its support of "magic files" you can find and decode hidden pics, mp3 and other files not visible by "naked eye" to regular visitors! Or you can safely share files posted on your web site without giving others the web site URL address! Fully customizable web spider finds and automatically downloads web pages, free mp3, pictures, movies, stories, other files and whole web sites, including huge mp3 archives and photo galleries. You can manually add new search engines to be used by the program or we can add them on your request. AmiPic has fast image viewer with URL tracking, file splitter, text finder and more. Unlike with "peer-to-peer" file-sharing applications you do not have to reveal your IP address to strangers and give them access to your computer! AmiPic is safe to use because it is designed with respect to your privacy. AmiPic can connect to Internet directly or via HTTP proxy. Currently it does not support SOCKS v5 protocol. Nevertheless, you can use SOCKS proxy servers with all your web based applications if you install free SocksCap32 extension for Windows Winsock. Requirements Windows NT4/2000/XP or Windows 95 OSR2/98/Me with Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher. For Windows 95 Winsock 2 Update is required .
Comments - - Added on 13th Mar 2004 by lt -
AmiWeb, the safe and customizable browser, brings the very best educational and entertaining web sites to children ages 4 to 11. Completely free, this software allows young Internet surfers to discover the Internet in a safe and secure environment. Furthermore, it offers an incredible range of activities and games to stimulate their imagination. AmiWeb, as well, includes a space reserved just for parents. Parent's Corner is another free service offered to all parents and educators who take educating children to heart.
Comments - - Added on 27th Jan 2005 by vj -
ANB (Advertisement is Not Beautiful)
Advertisements, pop window and flash play a important role eating up your bandwidth, slowing down your surfing speed and causing your network congested. Now let ANB deals with them to help you saving you time, money and frustration by filtering advertisements, disabling popup windows and flashes when you surfing the web! All those stuff will not ever get downloaded across your internet connection any more ! Operating Systems: Windows 95/98/ME/NT4/2000
Comments - - Added on 8th Jun 2004 by lt -
AnimeBrowser is a java multiplatform program designed to help people who are accustomed to watch a lot of anime series. You can define episodes series you are looking for, then AnimeBrowser will search for it on some very popular websites.

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Comments - - Added on 19th Jun 2009 by vj -
AniWeather animates weather information for locations around the world.


  • Weather information in vivid animations.
  • Weather for over 70,000 locations over the world.
  • Switch locations in one click.
  • Realtime condition update + 5-day forecast.
  • Link to more detailed views seamlessly.
  • Customizable for your preferences.
Note: Available for Firefox and Chrome.

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Comments - - Added on 27th Jun 2009 by jf -
Anonymous Guest Professional
Opening a web-site, downloading the program, sending a mail, you everywhere leave the trace. Each your step in the internet is recorded with tens servers: at you on work, in a network, everywhere where you would not be! Protect your private life! Anonymous Guest allow you to work in a network, remaining unknown to world around. You can visit any sites, to send e-mails, download any information and to not worry about consequences. Thousands proxy servers worldwide waiting for you!

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Comments - - Added on 23rd Apr 2005 by lt -

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