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Theocratic Research Utilities
The Theocratic Research Utilities (TRU) are a collection of freeware programs that work with the Watchtower Library to make your personal Bible research more productive and enjoyable. The Theocratic Research Utilities consists of the following programs:
1. NWT Lister: The NWT Lister facilitates easy scripture viewing and the creation of scripture lists with the Watchtower Library. In addition, it also allows scripture collecting from text files and the Windows Clipboard.
2. Text for the Day: Text for the Day provides the following features: Calendar, Daily scripture text, Theocratic Ministry School schedule, Congregation Book Study schedule, Read the Bible in a Year, and Notes for the day. In addition, it works with the Watchtower Library to allow you to do further research.
3. Theocratic Librarian: The Theocratic Librarian is a toolbar that makes access to the Watchtower Library easier and more convenient. The program acts as a personal research assistant between your word processor and the Watchtower Library.
4. TheoMap: TheoMap was written to provide a means to view maps related to theocratic study. The program interacts with the Watchtower Library to allow map items to be easily researched.
5. Print Assistant: The Print Assistant allows you to easily create various styles of printouts - plain text, scripture lists, and study schedules. To use the program, simply answer the on-screen questions.
The latest TRU data files in various languages (English, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese). To use a data pack, simply download and install the appropriate language file. The Theocratic Research Utilities are freeware. This means that you are free to continue using the programs for as long as you like. It is not necessary to register the programs.

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