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Programming Without Coding Technology (PWCT)
Programming is giving instructions to computer to perform the required job, the process of programming have more than one stage from analysis and design to implementation and test.

The most common way to do programming is (writing code) which our compiler under usage can understand based on the syntax of the programming language.

To write code you need software called a Code Editor (CE), which Enable the programmer to organize his/her source code file, Modern Code Editors comes with nice features like (Auto completion, Syntax highlighting & IntelliSense) which enable the programmer to work more easier and faster.

Since coding requires from the programmer the attention and effort, a lot of researchers focus on this point, some researches work on  making coding less harmful  while other researchers try to eliminate and reduce the necessary and the need of coding which we say about (Programming without coding)

  1. There are a lot of steps towards (Programming without coding), the first step was (Copy & Paste) operations where the programmer write the code one time then copy it and use it another time in another program, and this without doubt is very bad solution and seems to be the heart of problems.
  2. The second step was the (Code Bank) where the programmer stores his common code in one place to get it quickly and still do (Copy & Paste) Operations.
  3. The third step was the (Library) where a one or more of functions are encapsulated together and are available for use directly by the programmer after referring to the library header file in the source code and referring to the path of the library file for usage by the linker to produce executable  file.
  4. The forth step was the (Template) which is a mask of code, which can be used more than one time.
  5. The fifth step was the (Code Generator) which uses (Templates) and get data from the programmer to generate the code automatically.
  6. The Sixth step was the (Designers) like (Database designer, Class Designer, Form Designer, Menu Designer, Report Designer,…etc)
  7. The seventh step was the (Wizard) which is a group of interaction pages that end up with generating designer files and source code.
In these days the (IDE and Frameworks) are used to integrate Libraries, Templates, Code Generators, Wizards and Designers together.

But still the Programmer/Developer needs to write code to complete his task (the required job).

Programming without coding technology presents the first general purpose programming without coding language (Mahmoud), programming without coding environment (RPWI) and programming paradigm (DoubleS = Super Server) for developing software applications 100% without coding by providing full isolation from the programming language syntax where the programming effort done through interaction instead of writing code and (You need to know procedure instead of being declarative).
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