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Penguin's PDF Workshop
This site enables you to join several PDF files into a single new file or remove or extract pages from a single PDF file into a new file.
You can upload your own PDF files to this site (max 25 MB per PDF upload). After one or more PDF files have been uploaded you have access to a few tools:
1. Merge PDFs: Merge two PDF files to a new PDF file. Select two uploaded PDF files from the dropdown box and a new PDF file will be produced. If you need to merge more than two PDF files you should just merge them one at a time: Merge the first and the second, merge the new file and the third, merge the new file and the fourth, and so forth.
2. Split PDF: Split pages from a PDF file to a new PDF file. Select a PDF from the dropdown menu. Type in the page number of the page(s) that the new file should contain. You can type in a list of page numbers using comma, e.g. 2,3,5,8. You can also enter ranges, e.g. 2-5. Further examples of possible input follow:
- Create a new PDF containing the first four pages: 1-4
- Remove page six (by including all other pages): 1-5,7-end
- Rearrange pages: 15-20,1-14
- Reverse page order: end-1
- Duplicate page six: 1-6,6-end

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