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1st QuickRes (light)
1st QuickRes controls your display settings, wallpaper, screen savers, and color schemes from a convenient system tray icon. Using 1st QuickRes you can change the color depth, resolution and refresh rate on-the-fly, with a preview of your changes and the option to confirm them or not.
While changing the desktop size, 1st QuickRes retains the position and size of desktop windows and icons.
You can define your own favorite display settings with quick access using the tray menu or keyboard shortcuts.
Pre-built favorites allows you to incrementally enlarge or reduce the desktop size.
You can browse screen savers using resizable preview dialog. Any screen saver can be launched, configured, or set as the default directly from the tray menu. Also you can configure options to launch the screen saver immediately by double-clicking the tray icon.

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